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    Core Exercises for Men Over 60

    Last updated 3 months ago

    As you get older, you might find that it becomes more difficult to exercise; however, it’s far from impossible. To stay in shape, you just need to familiarize yourself with the right exercises.

    In this video, a fitness expert demonstrates three simple core exercises that are ideal for men over 60. One exercise, called the dying cockroach, involves simply lying on your back with your hands and arms in the air. Another exercise involves standing with your legs shoulder-width apart and touching your ankles. Doing these exercises at least once a day is ideal for keeping your abdominal muscles strong and healthy.

    If you’re having trouble staying active and performing simple tasks around the house, call Jenkintown Comfort Keepers at (267) 415-4047. We’re pleased to provide high-quality senior care for Jenkintown residents.

    Legal Considerations When Seeking Senior Home Care

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Once your elderly parent or loved one stops being able to care for him or herself, it’s time to consider senior home care. However, providing your loved one with senior care isn’t as simple as hiring a capable caregiver—there are also a number of legal matters to consider.

    It’s important to have advance health care directives in place, just in case something happens to your loved one. For example, a living will can provide specific care directives in case a loved one becomes incapacitated by illness. A durable power of attorney can allow you or one of your siblings to make crucial decisions when your loved one is unable to do so herself. Hiring a caregiver is also a good excuse to get a number of important documents in order, including Social Security records, a birth certificate, Medicare documents, and others.

    To learn more about important legal considerations, consult with a lawyer and a representative from Jenkintown Comfort Keepers. You can call our Jenkintown office at (267) 415-4047 to ask questions about our senior care services.

    Common Mistakes Siblings Make When Discussing Aging Parents

    Last updated 4 months ago

    If you have one or more siblings, you know how common it is for siblings to disagree. However, it’s important for siblings to reach some kind of consensus when it comes to certain important issues—securing care for an aging parent, for example. If you’re unsure how to handle your aging parent’s needs, you can start by avoiding the below mistakes.  

    Overestimating a Parent’s Abilities
    As your parent gets older, the amount of denial among your siblings will likely increase. Many people have trouble accepting their parent’s mortality, or refuse to shoulder the burden of caring for an elderly parent. As you discuss the prospect of in-home care, one or more of your siblings may insist that your parent is “fine,” and “can take care of herself.” For the sake of your parent’s health, you should get your siblings to accept reality so you can devise a caregiving strategy.  

    Planning an Unrealistic Care Routine
    One of your siblings may be on the other end of the spectrum; she may be eager to shoulder all the responsibility of caring for your aging parent. Caregiving is a tough job—trying to do too much can be emotionally and physically exhausting for even the most patient caregivers. Hiring a professional in-home caregiver can help prevent yourself and your siblings from getting overwhelmed.

    Failing to Support the Main Caregiver
    Once one sibling volunteers to be the main caregiver for an aging parent, the other siblings may end up providing little or no care. This can lead to a big fight—especially if the siblings start criticizing the way the main caregiver provides care. Instead of criticizing the main caregiver, it’s important for siblings to offer support and help out however possible.

    Jenkintown Comfort Keepers is proud to offer a wide range of care services for aging residents in and around Jenkintown. Your parent deserves some of the best in-home care possible, and we’re happy to provide it. Call (267) 415-4047 to speak with a representative and learn more about our senior home care services.

    A Look at Comfort Keepers' Personal Care Services

    Last updated 4 months ago

    As more seniors choose to stay at home, in-home care services offer safety, comfort, and security for seniors and family members alike. Jenkintown Comfort Keepers offers a variety of personal care services that range from grooming and mobility assistance to meal preparation and nutritional care. Our personal care options allow you to tailor your loved one’s care to ensure he receives the assistance he needs to enjoy everyday life.

    Mobility, Transferring, and Positioning
    Maintaining an active lifestyle holds many benefits for seniors. Comfort Keepers’ caregivers can provide your loved one with any assistance needed to keep physically active within his fitness and health limitations. For seniors that need help maintaining a comfortable position or transferring from beds and chairs, we also provide support and assistance to prevent falls and sores while promoting healthier posture and proper breathing.

    Toileting, Grooming, and Hygiene
    As the body ages, it can be more difficult to maintain the routines of personal hygiene. Difficulty getting to the toilet alone or incontinence is no need for embarrassment, and Comfort Keepers’ caregivers provide assistance while helping seniors to maintain dignity and privacy. Good hygiene is not only essential for good health, it also enhances self-confidence and comfort. Our caregivers will help with grooming, bathing, and hygiene tasks to ensure your loved one looks and feels his best.

    Cooking, Feeding, and Dietary Care
    Seniors often find the tasks of cooking increasingly difficult, which can lead to poor nutrition. Our Comfort Keepers caregivers will work with your loved one and his healthcare staff to ensure he receives the nutrition he needs through meal planning and preparation. We will work within the boundaries of any dietary restrictions for seniors with heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more.

    Jenkintown Comfort Keepers is dedicated to providing personalized home care services so seniors can remain safely and happily at home. We invite you to click through our website to find a comprehensive list of our care, companionship, and safety services. Call (267) 415-4047 to speak with one of our caregivers today.

    "I could not have asked for anything more from any agency." - Review for Jenkintown Comfort Keepers

    Last updated 4 months ago

    • on Written Testimonial
    • Thank you for your prompt attention to fulfill our caretaker needs. Your caretakers were attentive to my mother's needs. Prompt, always there 24/7 and are very kind and compassionate. I could not have asked for anything more from any agency. Thanks!

      A. H.

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